AHN welcomes 3 new centers in Tanzania, bringing our footprint to 45 dialysis centers across Africa

AHN Dialysis Centers across Tanzania.

Since entering Tanzania in 2017, Africa Healthcare Network has established 17 centers across the country – serving patients not just in urban centers but also rural, underserved areas with traditionally low access to chronic kidney disease care and dialysis services. We have recently signed 3 new centers in Tanzania in partnership with Nanguji Memorial Hospital at Morogoro, St. Gaspar Referral Hospital at Singida, and Dareda Mission Hospital at Manyara, bringing our total number of centers in Tanzania to 20, and total centers across Africa to 40!
We are very excited to deepen our mission to expand access to world class, life saving care at an affordable cost across Africa.

Nanguji Memorial Hospital, Morogoro Region

Our esteemed hospital partners at Nanguji Memorial Hospital with Judith Mziray, Regional Operations Director of AHN Tanzania, Coastal region

Strategically located at Morogoro city center, Nanguji Memorial Hospital is the only private hospital at the district level in the Morogoro region serving total regional population of 3.2 million people. Upon the new center’s opening in early 2024, AHN will be operating two out of the three dialysis centers in the Morogoro region (our other center at St. Francis Referral Hospital, Ifakara).

St. Gaspar Referral Hospital, Itigi District, Singa Region

Our hospital partners at St. Gaspar Referral Hospital with Priyanka Venkannagari, Chief Operating Officer and Country Director of AHN Tanzania, and Maternus Adriano, Regional Operations Manager of AHN Tanzania, Southern Highlands

St. Gaspar Referral Hospital is a faith-based regional referral hospital located in central Tanzania at the Itigi district of Singida region. It is located about 164km from the west of Dodoma City and 118km from the regional city of Singida. Upon launch, AHN will be the first and only dialysis center in Singida serving total population of 2 million people.

Dareda Mission Hospital Building(First Photo); Dareda Hospital Management with Dr Ringo Ernest, Regional Operations Director of AHN Tanzania, Northern Region (Second Photo)







Dareda Mission Hospital was established in 1948 and serves the Manyara population of 1.9mn. Patients with chronic kidney disease historically had to travel 4-6 hours to seek care in Arusha or Dodoma city centers. However, with the establishment of AHN dialysis centers in Haydom Lutheran Hospital (2020), and now Dareda Mission Hospital, both in the Manyara region, patients can more readily access chronic kidney disease specialists and high quality dialysis care.