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Clinical Programs

Clinical Programs
Clinical Programs

For patients on dialysis, we offer a number of innovative programs and additional resources (free-of-charge), including:

Vascular Access

As having good vascular access is critical to ensuring safe, effective dialysis, AHN has launched “AV Fistula Camps,” where we’ve brought a leading US surgeon to East Africa to perform procedures and train local surgeons on the process. We also have trained physicians locally on inserting permanent catheters, improving dialysis adequacy and reducing infection rates.

“5 Star” Scoring System

Each quarter, all of our centers is evaluated based on a 5 star scoring system, which considers ~10 main quality metrics as well as nursing audits. This system is part of a continuous improvement philosophy, whereby we are steadily raising the bar on clinical outcomes in our centers.

Diet & Nutrition

AHN employs full-time nutritionists to work directly with patients to help optimize their diet, as this has a significant impact on outcomes and quality of life.

Transplantation Education

For patients considering a transplantation, we advise patients and their families, including potential kidney donors on how to remain “transplant ready” and maximize the probability of a successful procedure.

Emotional Support

As patients grapple with health and lifestyle changes, AHN has programs to support mental health and well-being.

Supportive Care

When necessary, AHN provides supportive care resources (also known as palliative care) to help patients in need.

Other Modalities

While AHN’s centers currently offer in-center hemodialysis (ICHD), we aspire to lead the way across Africa on holistic kidney care. Over the coming years, as the regulatory environment and supply chains support other modalities, we plan to expand our offerings to include peritoneal dialysis (PD) and home hemodialysis (HHD).

If you have a passion for these modalities and want to help make them a reality in East Africa, please reach out to us!

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