Award Winners

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Core Value award winners!

Meet AHN’s recently announced Core Values award winners!

Bonheur Muvadimwe

Patient First

He makes sure that he reviews all the patients in Rwanda and always pushes for the patient’s well-being, he has helped to improve the DQi scores considerably.

Hawa Ikoro


Her reliability and dedication are invaluable assets to the unit’s efficiency and patient well-being.

Dr. Azael Haward

Data Driven

His commitment to data-driven decision-making at iECHO aligns seamlessly with our company values.

Dr. Yuri Oketch


Dr. Yuri has been a strong pillar within the Kenya clinical team and has handled patients and colleagues with a high level of transparency both in tackling patient and teammate challenges and processes.

Naomi Wangeci


Naomi has exhibited a high level of collaboration that has fostered great team work within the Western region and beyond even when lending support to other sections. She truly embodies the value of teamwork.

Elizabeth Lema


She is a bold individual, who fearlessly addresses unit issues and openly communicates concerns with the hospital, contributing to an open dialogue culture.

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